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5 Fall Safety Tips

Fall has arrived, and there’s lots to be excited about!
Crisp temperatures, vibrant colours, holidays to celebrate with loved ones, and delicious seasonal flavours to enjoy. The fall season has lots to offer, but also presents some dangers to our pets that we should be aware of. Keep these fall safety tips in mind to ensure your pets are happy and healthy this season:
Beware of ticks. The end of warm weather doesn’t necessarily mean the end of tick season. Many species of ticks can survive in cold temperatures, so exercise caution when playing in leaves or walking in wooded areas. Always check your dog thoroughly after returning from an outdoor excursion. Let there be light. It’s starting to get dark sooner, so it’s important to take precautions when out for that evening walk with the dog. Make sure your pet is clearly visible to traffic with reflective material or LED lights on your dog’s collar or leash. Halloween can be extra spooky for pets. Masks, costumes, and trick-or-treaters at the front door can be confusing and overwhelming to our pets. If your pet is easily spooked, consider finding a safe and quiet place for them to hide out during the hectic Halloween celebrations. And of course, be careful to keep all Halloween candy and treats carefully stored and out of reach of any pets in the home. Be careful with holiday treats. Aside from the known hazards such as chocolate, onions, grapes, and raisins, many everyday foods can be life threatening to our furry family members. Treats containing sweeteners such as xylitol can be extremely dangerous for pets. Even turkey, cooked ham, and stuffing can cause a very upset stomach if your pet gets into them. Although it’s true that pure pumpkin can be a healthy treat for your pet – pumpkin pie and pumpkin flavoured treats containing sugar and spices are a real no-no! If your pet manages to sneak a holiday treat, it’s important to have a plan – see tip #5. Be prepared for GI upset before it happens. Be proactively prepared for GI upset before it happens with the Grey Wolf Animal Health +GI EMERGENCY KIT, which contains four key products to provide peace of mind and safe, supportive therapy until you can see your veterinarian. Ask your veterinarian about how having Grey Wolf’s +GI EMERGENCY KIT on hand can reduce your stress and eliminate an unnecessary trip to the clinic, getting your pet back on their paws, sooner.
Follow these steps to minimize stress for you and your pets this fall!