Recovery doesn't have to be stressful. Let the pet decide.

77.4% of pet owners reported a poorer quality of life in their companion animals while an e-collar was worn.1

Less stress for a faster recovery.

Post-surgical care doesn’t have to be stressful – for pets, pet parents, or clinic staff.


We’ve got you covered with MPS Protective Wear.

There is an animal-friendly alternative to the e-collar: MPS Protective Wear.


Allows for faster healing

Provides calming effect

Provides comfort

Safe for pet & environment


We carry a full line of MPS Protective Wear:

  • MPS-Medical Pet Shirt® Dog, Cat or Rabbit
  • MPS-Medical PetS Boot®
  • MPS-Head Cover®
  • MPS-TAZ® Single Front Leg Sleeve
  • MPS-TAZ2® Double Front Leg Sleeves
  • MPS-Top Shirt 4-In-1®
  • MPS-HLS® Hind Leg Sleeves
Dogs with vest
Grey Wolf Animal Health is proud to be the Canadian distributer of MPS® International.


1. Shenoda, Y., Ward, M. P., McKeegan, D., & Fawcett, A. (2020). “The Cone of Shame”: Welfare Implications of Elizabethan Collar Use on Dogs and Cats as Reported by their Owners. Animals : an open access journal from MDPI, 10(2), 333.