Cohesive Bandages

Improving animal lives. Together.

Self-adhering elastic bandages are used on companion animals worldwide for affixing, splinting and light compression.

 Controlled compression – will not constrict
EASYTEAR® patented technology – no scissors needed (PETFLEX® and POWERFLEX®)
Self-adhering – sticks to itself, not to hair or skin
Sweat- and water-resistant – stays in place
Available in varying tensile strengths:

COFLEX®: 10 lbs
PETFLEX®: 15 lbs
POWERFLEX®: 23 lbs

horse powerflex bl camo hoof
horse sebastian wrapping

PetFlex Features and Benefits


Cohesive Bandages Greywolf
  • Reinforced textile coated with proprietary formulation
  • Designed to tear straight across

Other Bandages

cohesive bandages
  • Other bandages in the market have perforations or limited fabric (scaffolds) that rips when torn

Help prevent biting, tearing and chewing with our NO CHEW bandages.

Grey Wolf Animal Health is proud to be the Canadian distributor of Milliken Healthcare.